2 hello horsey

my girlfriend zoie and i went horse riding at glenworth valley last week, i have been dying to get back into riding after a 10 year hiatus (i owned a horse for the better part of my childhood and teens) and luckily i hadn't seem to have lost my confidence, although i was scared just before i had to mount, my horse stanley was HUGE

it felt really good to be back riding again if not a little painful, my knees were crazy sore during the ride but fine after wards

me on stanley left and zoie on astro right. 

shame - there were no eggs in sight for me to pillage from the emu's...

if you're in sydney glenworth valley is a really great place to ride, quiet and scenic only a short drive out of sydney

xxx c

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  1. Good for you, Claudia! I've only ridden once ~ a long distant memory ~ but still have a hankering to give it a try. I'm glad you had a lovely time {and the horsies are beautiful!}

  2. Looks so relaxing! What a wonderful way to spend the day!


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