4 things i have seen that i like

have i made a serious error in NOT buying this wassily chair at salvos? oh god, maybe, but i can't buy everything i see can i? (not if my parents garage have anything to say about it) i did however buy this brass lamp for it's golden goodness, i just need to replace the shade - thoughts?

keith haring dominos at macleay on manning and urchin/octopus delights at becker minty

went over to han's house and was reminded how much i miss my 'things', especially the sumo book. how sweet is this little array of gifts from the MIL?

and finally, really, i cannot get enough of my girl dr. nikki's vintage vuitton trunk (she justified it by saying it was her first piece of 'investment art', which i guess it technically is) either way, it's heaven and i hope she leaves it to me in her will (love u golden)

xxx c

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  1. OMG. That Wassily Chair! How much was it?! Yes, I think that you should have bought it. I had an amazing find that got away this week, that I definitely regretted not getting. You have a great eye! I found a lamp similar to yours (mine was silver) and managed to put it with a half-globe shell type shade and it looks glorious. I love it!

    Much Love,

  2. Pretty good find! Not my colour though. I have banned myself from buying stuff just because it is awesome if I don't have a use for it :)

  3. waiting patiently for you to start a store of all the goodies you find! x

  4. Oh I would sell a child for a LV trunk, do you think your friend would take one? I have had to do with a $60 bargain from gumtree. Depressing. Kx


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