4 kara rosenlund {stylish peep}

have i been living under a rock? how did i not know about kara rosenlund until now? she is a super stylist slash photographer slash creator of the 'travelling wares' caravan shop (phew!). the caravan (named frankie) was born from "A love of early morning thrill hunting and rattling about at the trestle tables in Europe inspiring Kara to share her ‘objets d’art’ and found delights with you from far and wide" she lives in brisbane so i think the caravan travels around the top of australia, can't you come to sydney??!!

she has a brilliant instagram too plus she's judging the interiors addict latest challenge (lucky)

xxx c

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  1. SO cool! PS. loving the new profile pic ;) x

  2. So exciting! She is also in the new Country Style that just came out today, Frankie is gracing the front cover!

  3. OMG first I am hearing about her as well. Fabulous, thanks for the intro.



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