5 curl curl house/living - kitchen

another team claud and hannah project, me styling and hannah taking the photos - enjoy!

this is the heavenly home of my partner's cousin, his wife and their 4 adorable kids. it's like a giant luxury villa, there are louvre windows encasing the whole house so there is a constant breeze flowing through and it's all marble, stone, sandstone and glass. they used interior architect susannah esdaile (who is a close family friend of mine and she did my parents house) who did an INCREDIBLE job, utilising every space available for storage and function but making it look really chic and minimal. then there is the fact that the owner obviously has amazing taste, and what's nice to know is that she is a bargain hunter, sourcing everything herself, making it all look so damn good must have been alot of work!

      remy the pooch posing, he literally sat there for 15 minutes like a little statue!

thanks to alice the model and cleo the pooch

we had a lot of guest models in this shoot, and above is the cutest of them all - muffin (she is my niece) and there is more to come peeps, the bedroom, office and kids room so stay tuned

xxx c

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  1. This house is just gorgeous! Seriously love it all, have a good weekend xx

  2. That is a very beautiful home and wonderfully photographed. I look forward to seeing more.

  3. Was this house in Realliving before? I recognize those stair rails but i think they were wood finish not white? Did i spy it or are all interiors smooshing into one in my overloaded brain! Lol.. Super stylish.. Great team work.. x

  4. hi bohemianhunter, i think the house has been in a few magazines, so yes, it probably was this house! glad you like it x

  5. Absolutely the PERFECT space! So my style. Loved this post!!

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