3 my place: real living update

remember how i entered into the real living comp, well......i didn't win! i knew i wouldn't because for starters they used the worst picture, i thought they wanted the pictures for reference, not to use and secondly there were lots more rooms better than mine. oh well, they left some positive feedback for me in the mag...ian halliday said "the owner clearly understands the arrangement of objects - elegant but casual" and jacinta preston said "a great study of how prints can make a room come alive - the chevron adds a blast of energy balanced with a couple of shots of colour" so that was nice to get that feedback. in better news, i have just acquired some new cushions for my bedroom and will hopefully do a post this weekend to show them off!

xxx c
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  1. I just bought the issue yesterday and saw your room featured! Congrats for being a finalist - that is still an amazing achievement! Loved your room too and can't wait to see your updates xx

  2. Dude, congrats on making it in the first place, that in itself is awesome :)

  3. That's great feedback from the judges and you got your room featured in the mag - well done!


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