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i am in the mood for some new cushions. i want fresh white linen with four big fat natural linen cushions on the bed. i want them to be karate chop-able and all squishy. i want the bed to be a place you want to dive into and be all fresh. i just wish we weren't renting and could do something about the hideous blush carpet that has seen better days! it makes me want to make less effort because it will never look exactly how i want it (floor boards obv.) i don't even think a rug will make it better, unless it's really big and covers the whole floor! actually, maybe i should look into that. and then there's the issue of the bed head. it's definitely on my 'to buy' list for the new year. here is some inspiration..

i am especially enamoured with elin kling's bed head (bottom left) - the mix of the mushroom bed head with the white linen and gold lamps, heaven!

xxx c
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