3 house envy: kates place

this weekend hannah and i shot/styled this beautiful cottage house on the north shore (with the assistance of alice). it's the residence of kate who - this comes as no suprise - is an interior decorator and owns a gorgeous interiors store in roseville called fig. kate has a really comfortable, achievable style that we found so appealing. everything in her place was easy to shoot because it was all so beautiful.

the library nook was chock full of classics, family photos and mementos from her travels - making you want to curl up in the huge chair with the glow from the red lamp and read a good book.

i am slighly obsessed with this garden stool. there are hundreds of them around but this paisley one is really quite beautiful.

who doesn't love something domed? especially when it's electric blue limoges.

i loved this oriental vignette - the silk chinoiserie chair is from her shop (as is alot of her beautiful accoutrement)

this cabinet makes me feel like i am in her store - sublime.

the monkey in the giant orchid got me straight away, reminds me of my t-rex. and who needs art on the walls when you have a backdrop like that? the whole back of the house has huge windows completely surrounded by green trees.

finally, the liquer cabinet, topped by two white lamps also availble at her shop. hannah's favourite shot from the day was this one on the right, i loved kate's vinatge silver cutlery and the pewter jug and coasters. i will be doing another post of some shots from inside kate's shop soon. plus i have definietly found the place that i will be choosing my fabric for project chair from - thanks Kate! and thanks for letting us shoot your beautiful home

xxx c
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  1. WOW- what a beautiful home...looking forward to seeing the photos of Fig. Great post.

  2. It is all beautiful! I love the library and, of course, the liquor cabinet! What a fun, cheery place!

  3. Beautiful house, beautiful styling and beautiful photography girls! x


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