2 curl curl house/in the bedroom

the bedhead is actually storage when accessed from the back, rows of drawers, genius! and to the right is a big fat walk in closet, jealous?

no, i didn't make a mistake, the bathroom is part of the bedroom! the white floorboards shift to marble and the glorious free standing tub sits there looking out through the wrap around enclosed balcony over the heads as far as the city. and that coral?...speechless p.s more statue posing from remy (cute!)

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  1. SHUT

    I want the Blue Biggie!!! What's the link?

    Also, I was at Woolworths the other day and they have DINOSAURS that ROAR!! Yes. YES. I squealed and made Hamish come and watch me press all the buttons to make them roar.
    Like a kid.
    Anyway, I have been collecting Schleich dinosaurs for a while now and I figure the ones at Woolworths are a good accompaniment to them because they have sound effects.
    If you would like me to buy you a couple let me know, from one Biggie/Dinosaur lover to another I'd be happy to help with your collection.

    This house is giving me home envy... I've just been accepted into a Bachelor of Interior Design, I can't WAIT to be designing spaces just like this.

    Long comment, sorry!


  2. I have to say this house is completely stunning. I adore it all! And the styling is gorgeous too :)


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