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I found these gold dining chairs at Salvos, yes they made my heart flutter but after a bit of investigating I discovered they would cost over $100 per chair to reupholster, after which I may as well buy newies so I left them for some other lucky hunter. I did, however come away with this little sheep seat warmer below...

and then...we got a belated wedding gift! Hurrah for Jules best man taking his sweet time, now we have a zebra cow hide to tart up le office

I scored this acrylic facet object at Vinnie's for a few dollies which makes a nice coffee table friend for my DD vase don't you think?

And yes, yet another dining room pic, I am going to get a quote for an acrylic table top and may get 5 more of these Karim Rashid's to go around. Slowly slowly........

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  1. Oooh, where did you find your small white office table? It's lovely!

  2. Please tell me where that Karl Lagerfield and Anna Wintour Doll set is from!


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