4 office mood board

As I have previously mentioned, I feel a lot of pressure with this room in my new place. I really want something different - a new look. I am feeling a pastel - mint, lilac and pink (of course) with a fresh white backdrop and a little gold, there's always a little gold. The time is coming for me to start buying some delights to make this happen! Brass pencil holder - tick, desk - tick, rug - tick, France, not France at the framers, Praia Piquinia also at the framers, lamp from Regency Distribution is very close to being bought (I just have to make sure it's yellow gold I want) then there's the all important chair, I have been holding out hope I will find some amazing gem while traingling but I am losing hope, fingers crossed for this weekend!
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  1. Wow, this would look incredible together! How amazing would it be to find a chair similar to that one?!

  2. Love this


  3. Love, love, love. All in my dream office:)

  4. Love, love, love. My dream office!


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