2 dining saga continues

Yes, yes, the saga continues, what the hell am I going to do with this base? Glass isn't for me, the marble doesn't fit and will white be too boring? I am getting a quote for a white shiny hexagonal top which would make accessorising the chairs easier but I am still not 100% sure. I LOVE these hounds tooth chairs from Kartell but sadly cannot afford the $1500 per chair price tag. The cow hide is a loan from a girlfriend who had it in storage and I think it looks perfect under the gold. I really do need to make a decision quick about this so we can start having people over!

This little vignette is in the dining room, I am smoothing out the springbok hide and need to move it as it's a little too much with the cow hide next door, my favourite bench is staying, as is the Lady Gaga meat pic, fitting for a dining room, no?

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  1. That table base is AMAZING. Love the gold and the lines of it! Good luck picking out/finding a top that you like!

  2. What about a solid surface like marblo? You can get the opal range matched to any dulux colour. Or a frosted finish? So it's not like glass but it still doesn't take over from the base... I really like the idea of the hex. You'd probably then need a really simple shape for the chair as you'd have a lot of lines going on there and you wouldn't want it to become too overwhelming..http://www.marblo.com.au/colour-selection/opal-frost-range.html


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