1 lounge room

The most important room of the house for us as it's the first thing you see when you walk in the door. Luckily the TV is not the first thing you see, it's hidden behind a corner, so we get to fill the prime wall real estate with goodness. This photograph was above our bed in our old place and I loved how it looked with the bedside lamps and wanted everyone else to enjoy it too so I have moved them out to the main room. Helmut Newton's Sumo comes with it's very own perspex stand and gets it's first proper display here, along with my Mamma Tuppy bespoke name plate, a shark jaw from Thailand and a delicious Baies Noir (a first burn wedding gift)

The view sitting on my couch, everything should be hung by this weekend, no more leany leaners. God Jules is good to me allowing so much pink!

Thanks Jack for my molecular model, she fits so nicely on the coffee table next to some Dinosaur Designs
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  1. Great vignettes! What's the name of your lamps and where did you get them?


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