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The bed looks so much better below unmade! It's all about the linen, I am literally OBSESSED with my Cultiver bed linen, we don't have heating in our place yet and this linen makes it so warm and cosy we don't even need it. Jules and I have this thing where we are really quiet when we first get into bed so we can hear 'the noise' when we peel back the doona. You know that noise, Alice calls it the pure comfort noise, it's kind of like if you were to swipe your hand through a vat of aerated cream - HEAVEN. The raspberry velvet cushion is from Bednest as is the bedhead and for a little pattern I added my French Words pillowcases from ChipChop! I need new bedside lamps now that our old ones are out in the lounge room. That is going to be a hard choice but I do have my eye on these from Hyphenate

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  1. Hi Claudia - where is the fur throw from? I love that color and the quality looks amazing! Source please if you can :)


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