2 the professionals {dion horstmans}

I had a strange dream last week, I was at an exhibition when Dion Horstmans came and began installing some guerilla style art. I ran over with my friend Jay-z to admire the faceted delight and whispered to Jay to make that shit happen for me, Jay brokered a deal for me to walk away with the sculpture for $800 and the joy I felt woke me up, the last thing I remember was running into Jay's arms to say thank you when he told me that I should really be thanking Beyonce (who was standing behind me) as she was the one who got Dion to sell it to me in the first place. What's the message from the dream? Listen to more Jay-z and go get me one of those dreamy sculptures for my wall. Click here to watch a video about Dion and his beautiful sculptures.

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  1. hahahaha ...yep - i have those dreams all the time! And clearly listen to Jay Z - he is the man.

  2. very strange dream... thank goodness for Beyonce!

    I wrote a post this morning that I thought you may be interested in... interior and entomology related.


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