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I'm back - god is it hard to leave that little bubble of heaven! Here are some snaps of the trip for your viewing pleasure. FYI we stayed at the Hilton and it was FAB

We went back to visit Jack's Point for lunch where we got married last year - still as exquisite as ever

Jules and I decided to go on a Funyak tour which was amazing and horrible at the same time. The river beds are quite shallow at the moment so we got beached every 2 seconds and Jules had to get out into the sub zero temps and drag us around which made everyone really calm and happy. The gorges made it worthwhile though, crystal clear blue water in amongst these cavernous rocks - spectacular! 

You can never count on Queenstown weather predictions, often they predict rain and it completely by passes the valley altogether, not in this case, this rain storm came through on our way home from the tour.

I was a VERY proficient caddy for Jules, keeping score and zooming around the course. The view is so beautiful it was worth the 3 hour round! 

Fave house in Kelvin Heights

We had lunch at the Amisfield Winery, they do a 'trust the chef' which is meant to be incredible but due to my lovely food intolerances we missed out, the meal was delish anyway!

Pop back for part deux this week!

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