4 the mother load

I hit the mother load last week at vinnes on whilst triangl-ing. This dining table and chair set was sitting there right at the front of the furniture section, I ran towards it JUST as someone was putting a sold sticker on it - for the princely sum of $165 for the lot, kill me now. I had to congratulate him on his fine purchase and asked if I could snap a pic, he was very obliging (unlike some others have been) and when his wife came along she was beside herself with excitement and we quickly started discussing how she was going to reupholster them. That is when a little shot of gold caught my eye. Just to the left of me was the MOST delicious brass dining table base I have ever seen (below), she was totally giving Ms. Wearstler. I yelled at the nearest guy 'give me a sold sticker, pronto!' I left the hexagonal smoky glass top (a little too 80's for my taste) and loaded her in my car. I am beside myself with joy for this find and cannot wait to get into a new place to put her to use. I am thinking of using the marble top to my tulip table. Watch this space to see her in situ in the not too distant future...

Hi my little slice of heaven!

white campaign drawers $45

black laquer table (could be cute as a bar cart, right Kecia?)
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  1. those chairs alone are the mother load! ...one of those chairs would be the mother load!

  2. Can I just say something? And I say this with much love and admiration - You SUCK!!!
    Check out this link
    That gold table was listed on ebay a month ago, and I was so tempted to buy it, but the hubby just doesn't share the love!! (plus we didn't need another dining table!!)
    They must have given up and donated it... I am sooooo upset!!!!! I was planning to dump the glass top as well!!!
    I'm soooo jealous of your AMAZING finds, going to cry myself to sleep now!!!

  3. I seriously need to move there just for your fab thrifting! In-sane! LOVE your brass table! It's going to look friggin phenom with the marble top...even more KW than it already is! Jealous! But, at least I already thrifted the same Hollywood Recency table for about the same price as the one you saw...mine's white though and I want black like this one so I'll have to paint mine. And, yes, that black lacquer table is screaming "bar cart me!"


  4. You always seem to find awesome things at Vinnies!


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