4 a day in the life: shopping

saturday brought a fun day of furniture shopping with hannah and steve for their new abode (above). i think steve was a little hesitant at first about me coming because it meant two against one and it's hard enough as it is to win a furniture fight against hannah let alone with me too! poor steve, hannah insisted on my extra opinion and i was secretly so excited because i don't have a house of my own to do that with yet so i was decorating by proxy. you will notice a lovely purple and white paint theme going on, the FIRST thing hannah is changing, she has literally booked the painter for the day they move in she can't cope with the colours that much (i agree) i can't wait to be able to show some before and afters of her place

i felt like their child sitting in the back seat helping mum and dad go shopping!

i spy a more attractive paint job and some pylon lust

freedom rug steve and i loved

more ethnic looking tat from freedom

scandinavian sideboard steve and i loved, hannah HATED

new desk chair hannah loved (only in a lighter colour) i cant wait for her office to be complete, it's huge and going to look amazing

missoni goodness at top 3, hannah bought some towels to liven up le bathroom

cartoon looking drawers from top 3 - interesting

victorious looking wooden robot i was lusting for at top 3

pet lion steven loved

an emaciated eames chair with some delightful looking cushions

the couch they finally settled on (2 x 3 seater's for symmetry, steve asked why they couldn't have a 2 and a 3, hannah replied, it's not my decision, it's symmetry's!)

interesting coffee table i liked

looking for starburst mirrors for above the fireplace. steve thinks a little too deco... the search continues!

i hope i can bring you more progress of her house as she completes it!

xxx c

p.s. thanks for letting me come steven k!

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  1. LOVE the sideboard, come on Hannah it's great! And the robot would fit in nicely with my family. Look at good ol' Freedom jumping on the trends :) Love the mirror too

  2. LOVE the rug (clicked on the link to have a snoop doggy dog)
    I'm all for bright splashes of colour, I'm trying to introduce them into our new casa.
    ETSY has been a godsend for curtains and cushions if they're/you're interested at looking on there.
    Particularly chevron ones (in pink, yellow, grey and blue... for example haahahahaaa)


    1. Actually, thats where i always get my cushions, so good! Didnt think to get curtains too..... X

  3. Sofas are so deep these days. I hate it! Is it just so they can sell more cushions or are they in cahoots with chiropractors?


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