3 black and cream obsession/guest post by hannah

when claud asked me to guest on peep i wasn't sure what i would post about, claud asked me to focus on my wardrobe (i have a whole bedroom devoted to it! and a very understanding fiance for that matter) and soon realised there are a few themes, the most prevalent was black and cream folowed closely by prada and her little sister miu miu. it's funny how you don't realise your fixations until you take stock. perhaps i don't actually need that new celine phantom as much as i thought...

here is where my collection stands at right now:

prada fringe bag in black
miu miu patent black tote
alexander wang emile tote in cream
miu miu cream tote
barbara bui cream tote

cream, black, black, cream, black, cream and...wow! cream! i am really diverse in my tastes, hey? as for my wardrobe, do you think it differs from this theme? you'll have to wait until claud convinces me to do another post to find out!

xxx h
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  1. Holy moly Hannah! What I would give for an Alexander Wang bag... It is TOP on my want/NEED list! :) My new business has taken up all my 'spending money' for now, so I'll have to drool over yours! Gorgeous, I love neutrals! Always a fan of black esp!

  2. Lucky girl! You have beautiful taste! And your man's a keeper...mine let me turn the third bedroom into my dressing room as well. Very important for a healthy relationship! ;)




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