4 do yourself a favour

do yourself a favour and watch this video of 'the visionaires: tom ford'. my favourite fact about tom? he takes 5 baths a day!

xxx c
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  1. SO GOOD. thanks for that 40 minute distraction! The chairs at the launch in his store are the same as your wedding ones! (?) I love him and I loved that video. {little AHS}

    1. AHS YES! tom ford obv has good taste in chairs, they are v similar. you are obv very hard at work like me x x

  2. LOVED IT! What a great documentary... he is such a creative genius.

  3. I can't wait to watch this when I get home... 5 baths a day?! He must either be a raisin or have the softest skin in the world! But I guess he can pretty much do whatever he wants, eh? :) Looking forward to clicking 'play'!

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