3 on a mission

i am on a mission to find this one particular photo of my dad's parents for the wedding. it's one of them walking down the street in the city, he is wearing a 3 piece suit, she is wearing a pencil skirt and fox fur with felt hat. i used to look at this photo all the time wondering how they managed to be so chic just for a trip to the city. when i find it i will post it. anyway, this meant that i uncovered all my old polaroids. the ones above are, as you can see, of lindsay lohan. a girlfriend of mine is a stylist and did some work with her at one stage, she was doing a throw out/garage sale and i snaffled these polaroids from a shoot (along with some chanel scarves and my 'park bench') the polaroids below are from one of me and hannah's LA trips, we had SO MUCH FUN on those trips (incidentally, she wants to go on one more this year but with BOTH our weddings (!!!) i don't know if this will be possible) maybe next year H

xxx c
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  1. I should dig out some of my old polaroids. They are so awesome, I should display some. Good luck with finding that photo too :)

  2. Love the travel pics xxCorrina.

  3. Gah, I wish I had a Polaroid camera! Lucky for them, they are still so cool :) Hold onto those Lindsay ones, you never know if you can sell them for a pretty penny someday! Haha

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