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it's a vogue FRENZY this month with vogue UK, vogue australia, vogue living australia and vogue paris and they are all GREAT issues. vogue paris in particular is a beauty this month and it's huge, more like a september issue. my favourite discovery of the issue was kate moss' collection for french jeweller fred. think tiny tiny diamond encrusted stars, moons and anchors and thin as a wisp stacking rings. not sure when/where i can get my mits on some but it's my mission to find out! click here to peep the collection

my sweet, sweet beloved walked past a national geographic shop and bought this for me knowing my love for dinosaurs. this one's great because she is soft and bendable

my beautiful friend jacqui pilfered bought me these gardenias, she got me two big fat bunches and my ENTIRE place now smells of sweet gardenia

finally, i bought two vase options from ebay for the wedding. the ball jar on the left is too tall and slim and the beaker may be too polarizing. it all depends on something special i am waiting on from etsy. i was actually contacted by the florist and she said she may be able to get the vases i desperately want so fingers crossed, not sure how she will react when i tell her we are doing the flowers ourselves! keep you posted peeps...

xxx c 
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  1. Oh I love the kookiness of the vases that you have purchased on ebay! I just tried for my very first time, to create a table arrangement with flowers for Christmas, I am surprised with how well it turned out. I'm going to post some images on to my Facebook page shortly.

    I love the image of the Hermes reindeer below, just pinned it onto one of my pinterest boards!

    Have a fabulous Christmas :) Hazel

  2. How great are dinosaurs - I have a bit of dino-envy over your cutie!

    I'd see if your florist can provide the vases before you break the news about not using her for the flowers... say you're adding some etching or something! Just in case.


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