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thankfully i found these photos i had been looking for, my paternal grandma and grandpa (connie and bill). i never met connie, she died when dad was a teenager and grandpa bill died a few years ago. dad couldn't find ONE photo of their wedding but there were quite a few of these shot by street photographers in the 1930's - and i am SO thrilled i have them to use in my wedding. we now have photos of all grandparents on both sides apart form mums parents so fingers crossed someone has one of them together!

shoes secured! these were IRRESISTIBLE and very me. in other news, i also found something to wear over the dress, it had to be ordered in from melbourne and will arrive on tuesday, hope it works. i also did a hair trial today which worked really well (my hairdresser is, fortunately for me, a guest at my wedding so she will be in NZ with me!)

i may have also found some rather delicious silky cape-y shirt-y lover confection in my travels today. it was on sale so it's ok and doesn't count

and finally, i got my menu's to the printers. we are using the distillery letterpress who are just down the road from me and do AMAZING work. i have made some changes to the menu and i am so excited to see it all come together. only 10 weeks to go today!

xxx c
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  1. How exciting!! I adore those old photos. So special! Wouldn't you love to live in the 1930's for a day? I don't think the shirt counts either. Sales never do (wink, wink) :) Best of luck on the wedding planning! It all goes by so fast.

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