2 the professionals {artist: david renggli}

I met this artist David Renggli while scrolling through Arent & Pyke's insta feed, the colours are what immediately grabbed my attention. I am obsessed with large scale abstracts at the moment and have envisioned whole rooms around David's work. This is something I would be thrilled to have hanging in my dining room. His Drums, please! 2012 exhibition is my favourite so far (click-ety click to take a look) and while I was day dreaming the other day about a concrete house filled with nothing but Dinosaur Designs I decided that this is the only artwork that would provide colour to the space - absolute perfection!


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  1. Love these artworks Claudia! You immediately had me visualising your concrete space and how perfect that bright pop of pink would look. Swoon!

  2. Great work by great artist. I love it.


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