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Sorry for the grainy pic, promise the nice nursery shots are coming soon with the new issue of Adore :) I was devastated that my custom Etsy decal did not arrive until the Monday after our Saturday shoot for the nursery (sods law) so you will have to trust me that it looks really good in situ. I desperately wanted a neon sign for the room but it's too costly to make a quick decision, my compromise was the decal from Etsy seller Decal Chic, they do any word any colour any size, amazing! I had to make do and switch things up for the shoot which I still think turned out beautifully it just wasn't completely done (is a room ever completely done though?) The leather skate deck was a gift from my clever friends and they make to order if you are interested let me know! So in reality, the change pad will sit on top of the drawers and the deck will be lounging elsewhere probably being tripped over each night in my groggy state. I had to restrain myself with the white toys, I have a bazillion of them and didn't want to overwhelm the poor dresser, and how good are my drawer handles? Little ebony panther heads, so in love. Stay tuned for the shoot in full in the new Adore mag in a few days

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  1. Thank you for featuring our decal on your gorgeous blog!!


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