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Let's start this off by saying hoorah for Jonathan Adler being stocked in Coco Republic from this month on, can't wait to see some of his stuff in the flesh finally, I LOVE this sweet cross body bag from Zara, the multi mosaic pouf from West Elm, also from Westy this cube sculpture, the Tubular chair from Fanuli designed by Jamie Durie,

Aussie designed and made State of Escape neoprene bags, the Sanchez skate deck from Neon Vintage, anything from J Crew, why oh why can't they open here in Sydney? and MISSONI FOR TARGET HERE IN SYDNEY! We have to wait until October though, but on the plus side (at least for me) the range will be larger for kids and babies than the US, whoopdee!

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  1. I've bought a few things from JA in the US and LOVED them so I can't wait to have access here without the international freight! I hope Target / Missoni have ample stock....the collab with Stella McCartney caused stampeeds at my local store and many left empty handed whilst others had multiple trolly's full for onselling through ebay. My diary is marked though....you can run the competition down with a pram now Claudia!


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