3 preggers update

So when I say pregnancy update I actually mean nursery update. This is what I have so far. IKEA drawers are on their way, cot (got), rugs (got), throw (obvs), mobile (came all the way from Paris), cardboard graffiti stool (purch'd on weekend from Top3) and chair (got). I will also assure you I have got some boring stuff like onsesie's etc but they're not nearly as fun to write about, surely? Plus a quick update to say I'm over 7 months now, officially on the down hill run and in the 3rd trimester. Thoughts that I actually have to get this kid out of me are becoming a little too real and I am doing my best to keep them at bay with nicer thoughts of Missoni lumbar cushions (is that really abnormal?) The countdown is on to finishing work too! Only 9 more weeks to go

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  1. Wow, that has flown by. Beauitful nursery board there, although i would expect nothing less... Best of luck with the final few weeks before your little one arrives x

  2. You probably already know this, but be careful about kids and furniture like that chest of drawers...there have been many tragic examples of kids climbing onto the lower open drawer, the whole thing falling forward on top of them with terrible consequences...ditto for flattie tvs and bookcases.
    Love your style xx

  3. The nursery plan looks wonderful! And I'm glad you haven't forgotten clothing for the baby! There's no way out of the end.of pregnancy; forget everything (everyone's experience is different) and go with the flow. Boy, time has flown. Exciting!!!!!


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