0 bedroom needs a new look

I hate my bed. I recently went on a grown ups shopping trip with a co-pregnant friend to buy a very grown up bed (see you later $5000) and came away with severe bed shame/envy. The ones we tried were so comfy and sink-y in it was almost embarrassing (we are both 7+ months pregnant and could barely keep our eyes open every time we lay down) It made going to bed that night a bad experience. I immediately went and changed all my linen and made a big fuss of old bed to try and make it more palatable but no such luck, she still squeaked and shook every time one of us rolled over (and let me tell you, me rolling over now is kind of like an small earthquake, especially as I have to reposition my DreamGenii pillow every time) Anyway, I digress, I now want a new bed which is probably not going to happen any time soon and I want new bedside tables. I am over not having any drawers to keep it looking clutter free and I am in need of new lamps too to go with the new look. I found these mid century modern's from West Elm which I am quite besotted with

Then while on their website found these nice simple lamps too

Add in some delicious Rachel Castle bed linen and this Missoni throw and I think I am good to go, is this what they call the nesting phase?

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