0 tassie part two

A well as the wildlife and historical aspects of Tasmania, there are some spectacular designs aspects too. In Launceston we visited the Design Centre (above and below). We ate at a fab restaurant called The Black Cow, delicious.

We then travelled right down to Hobart and of course, conquered MONA. That place is insane and the owner who was getting married there that evening actually lives on site, can you imagine!?

Hubert Duprat was my favourite exhibit. The massive crystal sculpture, big faceted rock and paintings were giving me heart palpitations as you can imagine!

More of Hubert's delights above (and SIL Alice photo bombing). Below was a massive fountain that dropped down sheets of water words

and one of my favourite parts? The owners reserved car spaces

The markets were on that day and I found this hat. The look on Jules face really says it all, right? I'm kind of depressed I didn't buy it now. Why do bloody husbands need to have opinions that we occasionally listen to?

On the way out of Hobart we found this gorgeous little town called Richmond which happened to have the first ever bridge built in Australia, they also have the most exquisite antique shop I have been in. Take these whale bones (couldn't exactly fit those in the carry on)

I hope you enjoyed this little holiday wrap up. I would highly recommend going. If you can, stay in Battery Point and eat at Da Angelo's - best family run Italian I have ever eaten!

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