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My favourite one of the lot - obsessed!

Clever, clever girl Emma Lipscombe is responsible for these geometric wonders. Emma is a Perth based artist interested in 'the confluence of geometric shape and colour'. This lady speaks my language, pink, facets and pattern. Emma was kind enough to answer a few questions for me...

How is each piece made? What is your process?
I'm a Landscape Architect by training so I have a strong background in design. I have an insatiable need to look at beautiful things, be it Art, Architecture, patterns, fashion or interiors by the likes of Ilse Crawford or Faye Toogood. Time spent living / working in London and travel in Europe has left a big imprint on my visual memory. There is a strong need to digest all of that and put it into paintings that are made of repetition and reduction. 

Each painting is essentially a puzzle. I paint with my fingers and often the paint is layered until the mix of colours on the pattern looks right. I paint in the evening and often find myself lost in the process until late at night.

How long does each one take to create?
Depending on the size it can take anywhere between 1 week and 4. Sometimes I'll sideline a painting and revisit it and explore the colours further.

Your prints are screaming to be cushions, have you considered it?
No I haven't thought of it! Sounds nice though, I do love textiles!!

Where can people buy your work?
I have been in some group exhibitions and am planning a solo exhibition for next year. Otherwise I can be contacted directly.

Do you work on them everyday or you break in between each work?
I don't paint everyday though I do most days. I often have a couple on the go at the same time.

Which is your favourite and why?
I have a soft spot for Laplace & Co. I love it and I don't think it will ever be sold. 

Kate Collingwood via Canary Home

Her home and work was featured over at Canary Home, you can also view the rest of her portfolio here

Thank you Emma!

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