0 the seventies

Whenever I'm op-shopping it's the 70's that always catch my eye. Shiny metals, shag rugs, mid century modern chairs, marble, bold colours. I was watching American Hustle the other night and was drooling over all the sets. The lamps, the chairs, that yellow bedroom! The same thing happened watching Anchorman (2 movies in 1 week is unheard of for me, it's usually more like 2 a year), the boss's office? OMG, all I thought about was what it would be like to find some of those pieces at vinnies. My place absolutely references the 70's and even 80's but I keep it up to date with current wares too. I wonder if this is my style or if I will change over time. This is my ultimate modern vs seventies hybrid room EVER

now for some more vintage room goodies...

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