2 week in insta

anne painted this for alice and is in the process of it's mate below

peach and purple graffiti in lindfield

thank you bec and damien (and evie) for my b'day pressie - love her!

we went for family dinner at my little brother's best friend mike's families house. i snooped in his little brother jack's room (i love teen boys stuff) and wasn't disappointed. huge orange speakers, skateboards, skulls and more!

jack is a 19 year old science student and he had finished the subjects on molecules so he gave me one of his kits (YAY!) and even made me a cyclohexanoic acid structure

russell the boid and jack's shadow giving him a kiss!

flaming pudding for dessert

my first ever gift from the society inc. thank you kate, i love it! (the way packaging should be)

and finally this sweet display shelf was at vinnies - i was sorely tempted (a black makeover?) but i didn't succumb, i have to be very sparing with what i buy at the moment due to lack of storage

xxx c

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  1. Shame you didn't have room for that Vinnies find! PS those painting look awesome :)

  2. Hi Claudia, what did you get from society ink? I love Sibella Court and would be in 7th Heaven if I could visit her shop. I have a few of her books now and was inspired to go with my fettish for old typewriters and I scored a gorgeous one from a vintage store near where I live- not even sure if I can get it to work but it looks damn good next to my old bakelite black telephone and I am sure with serve one day in a photoshoot I may need it...???? Who cares I love it xxCorrina.


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