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mum, dad, Jules and i went down to my aunt and uncle's farm with my two cousins the Saturday before Christmas for an early Christmas lunch. as you know, i LOVE the farm and couldn't wait to get down there. those of you who follow me on instagram will have seen most of these already.

my aunt collects little nests that fall out of trees and has bunches of dried hydrangeas all over the house

i really cant get enough of the landscape. australia is SO beautiful in the country

old bottles found in the dirt outside the kitchen when they first moved in (the house was built in 1918) and her home made bush wreath 

this is hamish the bull who is so heavy when he was mating with a cow he shattered her pelvis and the poor little calf was left without a mum! luckily another cow has reluctantly agreed to feed the orphan as well as her own - bless. p.s. hamish is only 2 years old and already over 800kg - an absolute monster. also see that little butterfly at the bottom - how cute!

i scoured those acres all afternoon and came back with a little fox skull and some bones

jules and i were heading into town to get diet coke and nearly squished this little guy, i made jules stop the car and i ran back down the road and we drove him to a river - he STUNK! but how amazing are the markings?


while in town we visited the old wares shop - rip off joint but nice stuff

this is the chickens house, there are only 3 and they are very obedient! check them out following my uncle when it was bed time 

little moo-er didn't know he needed to move off the road for us to get past

we only got to stay one night as jules had his annual christmas eve cricket match all the next day so i can't wait to get back down there soon for a little longer

xxx c

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