how was your NYE? mine was quite tame (designated driver) and i wanted to be comfy so i decided to dress as a 15 year old homeboy (not intentional but i got 'hey 2 pac' etc all night) at least my nails were girly and basically a party in a bottle

sneaks are zara, necklace diva, clutch marc by marc, and pants are cue. here is a selfie pre leaving (rare for me, i know)

and this is pretty much the sum of my night - watching jules win a ping pong tournament before dragging my tired ass home...

hope you had a better night than moi!

xxx c

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  1. haha - well if it makes you feel any better my night was spent, at home, solo with 5 hours of keeping up with the kardashians & the victorias secret fashion show! We are living with bens parents at the moment & seldom get any 'personal time' - ben was working (as all police do on nye) & his parents went out with my parents, so i thought, stuff it, I'm staying home & hanging out with some rare peace & quiet! and you know what - i loved it!

  2. BABE!

    I love those pants!!!
    We went to Cottonsock's place for NYE where she had an EPIC bar set up, epic...
    I didn't take photos but I'm sure someone will blog about it sooner or later.



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