5 op shop trip

$2 wooden pineapple dish for Alice (goodwill) and a nice selection of beautiful old books

everyone on instagram seemed to love this coffee table so after a quick think i went back and bought it (usually when i leave to think something over it's gone when i get back, i use this as a fate-o-meter). rest assured it's now nestled safely in storage until i move out...oh, and it was only $30...

leibovitz at salvo's

atoms and ghosts at vinnies

i picked up this wool rug from vinnies for $10, it's going right under my feet in my office (eventually) 

and finally i spied this huge rustic mortar and pestle and an ancient meat safe both at Vinnies

until next time lovely op shops!

xxx c

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  1. Awesome finds!!! I'm glad that coffee table was still there when you went back! It was definitely fate. I'm the biggest thrift shopper ever, so I love this!

    Much Love,

  2. Sounds like a great haul! The pineapple bowl is so cute :)

  3. You find the best bargains - and that coffee table - what a steal!

  4. Love the coffee table! You have SUPERIOR op shops down your way! x KL


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