2 the material sleuth

i met Damien aka the material sleuth after my hair dresser convinced me to go to his cardio boxing classes (i was the annoying girl who refused to do anything very strenuous and my preferred exercise was the reverse plank i.e. lying on my back) despite me being a complete annoyance, we became friends and i got to meet and - also befriend - his beautiful wife Bec. story out of the way now, Damien has hand crafted this absolute dream deck from leather and studs. i am literally having minor heart convulsions, and the best bit? he's making me one too! i think i need a Hugh Holland photograph to go with it don't you think?

xxx c

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  1. I DIE!!!

    I DIE DIE DIE!!!

    I also want one.... sigh...

  2. That's pretty awesome. I wish I had some balance and coordination to actually be able to stay on a skateboard for more than 10 minutes. I love how badass this one is.

    Much Love,


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