7 day in the life {op shopping}

if you're following me on instagram (peepmystyle) you would already have seen these pics of my very successful day op shopping last saturday so for those that do not have instagram here was what i found...

this robert plumb sofa was a steal at $225 (retails for $1275!) sal, did you end up buying it?

this deco side table was heaven minus the pastel paint job

i puch'd these european sized cushions for $6 each

but didn't get the darts and when i went back to get them they were gone :(

this shell was way too pricey for me but a beauty all the same

after instagram-ming this vignette Alice asked me to buy it for her and i am happy to say it's now safely home with her 

a sucker for literature i can't actually read

how good is this bear skin? i didn't buy it on the spot and when i went back it was also gone (clearly not learning my lesson)

now this coffee table above was my biggest regret - i should have snapped him up immediately but i thought i was on such a roll i would find other things i wanted more - the moral of this story - buy things straight away!

how sweet is this little writing desk? and the nepalese rug in dusty pinks was heaven despite the price tag ($250) but the lady came out to me and told me to come back later and they would drop the price for me (watch this space)

bodum pepper grinder a la mickey mouse

moi en route to the last destination where i found this mechanical dinosaur

and scooped up these marble bookends for $10

now that i have instagram i will get to take you on ALL my op shopping trips so i hope you liked the first proper documented journey 

xxx c

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  1. Wow those $6 cushions look amazing! Great buy! Have a fab day. Amy x

  2. I am SO jealous of your finds, I never, ever, ever find stuff like that.

    Can't believe you didn't get the parquet table :( :( :( nooooooooo I was thinking about it the other day too and how much I loved it.



  3. so fun! any chance you could point us Sydney-sider op shop novices in the direction of some good shops?

  4. Claud, no, as much as i was desperate for it i didn't get it - was so busy early in the week & the worst thing is i have NOWHERE for it to go! sad sad situation!

  5. Im so obssessed with that sofa! To die for!! Which Salvos store did you see it at?

  6. Oh wow, you spotted some great stuff! I tell you that bear skin rug was adorable, what a shame it was gone (along with the table and darts). I've had to learn the hard way like that too - it's sooo annoying! I found a wonderful skirt the other day and I'm kicking myself that I didn't grab it..but I'll be up at the same op shop next week so I'm praying to the opshop gods that it's still there haha! Kelly www.yougotthatatanopshop.com

  7. You have a keen eye,love the mechanical dinosaur ,that's something i've sure never seen in one ,Danny >> VictoriaN op shop addict


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