3 i went shopping in NYC {without leaving the house} part three

this is part three of my shopping haul from a recent trip i did not make to NYC. lucky for me i have two very clever women in my life now that have got me down pat. S-I-L Alice and M-I-L Anne went to NYC for two weeks and came back with exactly what i would have bought myself had i gone. i still can't get over the goodness. this is the last lot, starting with the best coloured box, a sweet little hermes face wash, naturally this will not actually be used but will definitely pretty up the new bathroom! 

alice always brings back cute coloured m&m's from her trips and keeps them displayed in cute glass jars (until i eat them) so i asked her to fill me up! (they spent over $80 in the m&m shop - issues?)

a little pad that is the polar opposite of me

and finally the best tea towel ever! thanks for shopping for me girls

xxx c

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  1. BEST shopping trip ever!!!
    I die for that tea towel!


  2. love it

  3. So jealous, I want in-laws that can shop like this!! You're one lucky woman!!


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