2 peep loves {october}

leigh lezark - a girl after my own heart - on the coveteur (above), this calendar from miriam bereson, this chanel light fixture from etsy (if i can't have the real thing...) these sunnies from le specs (purchased and pictured below) and these from wildfox - perfect for summer, edit's canyons fabric, maison balzac everything!, this fun homies tee (also purchased and on it's way), Nas - it was written - this album came out when i was 16 and i know every word to every song SO GOOD! the look with laura brown (cute closet raid/fashion girl interview videos) Adam Cruickshank's Leaf console, this blog - domestic divinity (thanks for the intro merowyn)

peep also loves that she is officially homeless for the next 6 weeks! we moved out today and are travelling gypsies for a while, all my worldly possessions are cold and lonely in a storage cage waiting to be re distributed in new fanciful ways when they are released. being homeless is exciting for several reasons, firstly lots more moolah can be saved and secondly i get to start from scratch with my styling of wherever we move to - and think of all the photos that are coming blog's way! it's going to be weeks of upheaval and living out of suitcases (staying with parents and house sitting) but it's also quite exhilarating having nothing but the clothes on your back to worry about. hopefully my posts don't wane because of this, i am sure i can find time at work to squeeze it in ;)

xxx c

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  1. <3 Nas
    I've been listening to a lot of Big L lately, he is SO NYC.


  2. exciting times for you! can't wait to see all your new styling. Wish I could pull off Leigh's hair, I would look like an anemic kindergarten teacher with that hair :( xx


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