5 a nice surprise

is anyone watching the block? i have seen snippets here and there and after reading this months real living i was super surprised to see this bedroom was one of the rooms dan and dani produced on the show. i love that deep blue wall, the abstract artwork from fenton and fenton and that jewelled cushion and bed linen - all from fenton and fenton which set them back a huge $3000, spending big on bed linen really made the world of difference - i am obsessing over rough linen at the moment but it is very costly. that little pendant light is 'the beat light' from tom dixon, who i blogged about a few days ago. this room has got me sucked in, i just might tune in again!

xxx c

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  1. Having watched every episode (yep, it's sad but true) I have to say that room was one of my favourites too. Dani loved using F&F goodies! Their kitchen was also very nice, but the bedroom was the standout. I'm very inspired to use a sludgey blue navy somewhere in the house now.

  2. i saw only one ep of this show and THIS was it! the navy wall is lush....a pleasant surprise from this little duo xx

  3. Loving the block..... This room is a winner. The navy is delish and nothing beats amazing linen!!!!

    Claudia, I would love for you to check out my blog, All Things Style. I am a massive fan of yours and recently posted about your gorgeous piece in the glitter guide. Keep up the great work.

    Lisa xx

  4. Love the color, the art, and that jeweled pillow!



  5. I didn't see the show but impressed someone was using Fenton & Fenton wares! The block print bedcovers are beautiful. I know where you'll soon be able to get 100% linen bedding that is affordable....


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