4 i wish i was a picker

i have to dedicate this post to my bloggy friend kecia who posted this last week. i have been a fan of american pickers for a few months now, i watch it fantasizing about actually being able to do that as a job, i feel like i would be the happiest person alive if i could do that all day. this is why i love op shopping so much, it's why i get so excited when i find an absolute beauty, today was no exception, i did my northern beaches trail and first stop at mona vale salvos proved very successful. i found alice (who is moving out for the first time into a new place with her BF) a great dome, a little ceramic letter 'a', a vintage glass lidded jar for her cotton buds in the bathroom and some vintage penguins. i also found myself this outta this world faceted delight. i am not sure what its purpose is as there's no drainage for it to be a pot for a plant. who cares though, i freakin' love the guy

i also got this chunky glass ashtray from goodwill in brookvale

and finally, i got han some more penguins for her rainbow bookshelf from vinnies in brookvale. do you sydney siders have any secret op shops you love?

xxx c

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  1. Just ran across this shop on easy and thought of you! Love your black facet guy and that ash tray is fabulous! I love the 'hunt'...its the best feeling in the world when you discover a little treasure! xx


    1. OMG! i love that store! thanks so much for sending me there, i feel a post coming on...

  2. Aw, thanks for the shout-out. :) Totally made my day! I should have known you're a wanna be picker too! Love the finds you have here! Preparing for the move, I haven't been able to go to the thrift stores like I usually do and I'm having withdraws! Here's hoping I find some great picking adventures in Europe after the move!



  3. oh, i so wish i was a picker too, was just thinking this today. dream job, totally.


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