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pic: fabsugar

really into this outfit on jess hart. she makes the mumsy alma bag look so freakin' good! anyone know where the sweater is from? i am also in the market for a camel coat, i tried on the witchery one but it was a bit blah, and i have just got some new denim very much like these ones she wears. and what are peoples thoughts on the vuitton scarf, done to death? either way, i love this look!

pic: fabsugar

xxx c

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  1. Country Road pretty much have exactly that jumper. I saw it yesterday at East Gardens (eeww).

  2. p.s why can't my buns look like that!?

  3. Love the LV scarf. Still high on my wish list. In Legion, Bali ATM, going to check out the Seminyak shops you recommended soon. Seen quite a few Buffalo skulls, photographing and being 'fussy'! Hope to bring one home.
    x KL

  4. The jumper's from Zara - I got the exact one from London. x

    1. ahh! that means i missed out, here i come ebay alert! x


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