3 kelly bensimon/those cushions

firstly, sorry for the low res pic above, i tried to find better to no avail! did anyone else see these cushions in the home of real housewife of new york kelly killoren bensimon on fashion hunters? i am ALL for repurposing an hermes scarf, but do you think they would get ruined being lay on all the time? regardless, i love them and have a huge hermes scarf that has been laying in a box unused for years which i would love to get some use out of. any suggestions for what fabric to back it with?

in my search for some better images of her place i came across this one below - a horse in the living room and a hot pink couch? this is my kind of girl

xxx c
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  1. Ummm where can I find a giant gold horse for my living room? Yes please.

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  2. LOVE the Hermes pillows !! But like you said, I would be a little bit worried about people laying on them !


  3. Hilarious! I've been searching the net ever since to find some vintage scarfs (remember I said I threw away my old cushions?) This was fabulous! I don't think I'll be putting Hermes on my couch with my two dogs, but a more affordable (and not too precious) option I can deal with! I love her, I think she's great! x


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