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welcome to the food portion of the honeymoon! everyone had so many recommendations for restaurants in bali we couldn't get to them all! the ones we did get to were amazing and far out weighed our expectations. the second night in ubud we went to bridges, julian has gone all out saying it was the best meal of his LIFE, pretty big call, but i tasted his meal and it was amazing. unfortunately for me i have intolerances to garlic, onion, shallots (anything that adds flavour to food) so my gastronomic experience did not match his, but i will say that i was accommodated very well and all the restaurants happily amended my menu choices.

one place that came highly recommended was nuri's nacho mama, heavenly mexican food and ribs, did not disappoint

we also made it to the sister restaurant, naughty nuri's, another delight for the senses

during the day we ate at the lotus cafe - very nice view and fresh salads

in seminyak, the most highly recommended place to go was potato head, it is MASSIVE and gorgeous. we went for a drink before dinner and it was heaving

decked out in danish furniture...

handy bartender took this pic below, some friends came for a long weekend and took us out to dinner at sarong for our wedding pressie, so lucky!

the outside is covered in shutters the owners spent a year travelling around indonesia to find

above is sarong (jules took this pic, not so clear)

this is the view from the ayana hotel on our way down to rock bar. it was recommended by everyone who we spoke to, they failed to mention the 40 degree heat in the blinding sun and the fact that there is no shade apart from the BLACK umbrellas they give you while serving you CHILLI chips on the BLACK furniture. that place is hell on earth until the sun goes down, then...it's magic. the problem is, you can't wait until just before sunset to go as the queue to get down the inclinator is like an hour long so you either have to suffer in the heat for the sunset or miss it and enjoy it after dark. 

above is the ride back up from rock bar (thanks bloody god for no stairs in that heat) 

we were given a night out at sea circus by jules god mother (thanks!) and this place is awesome - highly recommended. 

chevron tables and a menu in lights...loved it!

thanks Andy and Jaz for a HUGE dinner - fish taco heaven!

ku de ta (below) was also great, we only went for lunch so we didn't get the full experience but it was a beautiful atmosphere and the food was good (big fat burgers)

a few different places used these ceramics, such cute designs

the w resort was the most beautiful hotel we went to for lunch. crazy interiors and dreamy atmosphere. loved the neon purple umbrellas and towels

how crazy is the chandelier?!

and the outdoor furniture was super chic and comfy

neon menus...

we loved eating lunch at cafe bali, very colonial, crazy lights and i was obsessed with the painted rug. i had the tomato bocconcini salad (a double serve thank you) which was easily as good as you get in sydney and how cute is the lime in the bag?

i know there were a million places we didn't get to go but we could only eat so much, and there's always next time when, i'm sure, there will be another 10 fabulous new restaurants to go to!

xxx c 
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  1. So glad you went to potato head- love that place! Looks like you have had an amazing time!

  2. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee you mentioned where we will be!!!
    Yayayayaaa that means the shoppes you were at are close to where we will be.


    1. I don't want to say on here!!!

      Maybe a crazy fan will follow us over there and stalk her wedding hahahahaaaa

      Oh my god as if anyone would haahahahahahahaaa

      But you know what I mean.

      I just realized how much I commented on your blog, sorry for the comment bomb!


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