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finally! i am so pleased to share these photos from my visit to Brian Hoy's 'Drawing Room Theory' shop in the Mitchell Road Antique Centre. he was also gracious enough to answer some questions for me (and you!)

What is your profession and how long have you been doing it? i studied interior design at Enmore Design Centre and i also have a graduate diploma from the Australian Film, TV and Radio school. i have been working in the industry around 10 years.

When and why did you open Drawing Room Theory? i opened DRT 4 months ago and it is simply a creative project and a creative outlet for me.

How do you decide what to buy for the shop? when buying items i just go with what feels right, it's an instinctive process.

If you could click your fingers and have your ultimate find for the shop what would it be? the ultimate item in my shop would be something 18th century in gold leaf like a daybed or chair, i am lucky to have a selection of early 18th century books in the shop presently.

What is your favourite piece in the shop? my favourite piece in the shop is the 3.6m 19th century kitchen/dining table.

What was your vision for the shops aesthetic? the shops aesthetic has also been an instinctive one, the shop opened using a lot of colour and is presently a monotone array of gold, black, gray and white.

What inspires you most? my friends inspire me the most, followed by antiques from different periods and travel.

How did you come up with the name Drawing Room Theory? a drawing room is a room to withdraw to and be recieved, i would hope DRT has the intimacy and visual texture of a traditional drawing room.

Is your own home's style reflected in the shop? my own home is a soft palate of black, gray, gold and white as is very much along the lines of DRT.

What do you hope people will walk away saying when they leave your shop? i would hope people would enjoy the DRT experience and want to come back to experience more.

i adored these place mats that come in sets of 6 for only $15

i was completely enamored with this little painting, fortunately the artist is not far, check out flutter lyon's blog here and buy her work here at her store.

one of Hoy's favourite pieces in the shop - a book dated back to the 1700's.

go visit this shop - you will not be let down, it is a complete visual feast! thanks so much for having me brian, i can't wait to keep building my crystal cluster collection through DRT

xxx c
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  1. This shop looks awesome! So many interesting props!

  2. This is amazing. Coming asap

  3. Hi what a great blog you have here. I too have a lost calling for interiors. Just need someone to finance me! I'm in Syd this w/e for a friends 40th but hopefully I can contain my caged party animal to make it to this store. I adore antiques. Lovely to meet you. Pop over and say hi and follow if you like x


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