5 le livres

this book of skulls arrived via amazon today. i bought it after seeing it at my friend Bec's place and reading that some of wes lang's work was in it

when i was out shopping with mum for her wedding outfit we had a peruse in miu miu (i wanted to try on the noir sunglasses, i LOVE them) i also spied my original dream wedding shoes on sale, still not in my size, luckily there wasn't some secret batch that came AFTER i bought my shoes to make me feel even worse about it

thanks capture the castle for the deets on this little cutie

and FINALLY, i got my hands on the september issue for a price that i am not embarassed about! sure it has some wear and tear, but what good magazine doesn't? so thrilled i can stop recieving ebay alerts for issues that cost $400...

xxx c
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  1. Love the look of "Book of Skulls" - might have to get that myself! Btw, you might want to check out booko.com.au to locate the cheapest version of just about any book you're after...

  2. So cool. I love books and don't have enough! They are awesome to decorate with, too.

    Something 2 Write About

  3. thats incredible that you got THE september issue. i am so jealous!

    i just found your blog. so happy i did. i lovee it. im following x

  4. Sophie - glad you are just as excited as me! Thanks for following xxx

  5. Kristina - aren't they just the best accessory?

    Bella-will have to check booko out, thanks for the tip!


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