9 urchins

i have very shallow goals, one of these goals is to have a bowl full of urchins (thanks balletflats!), and a bathroom big enough to accommodate them. does anyone else share this desire? it would also be preferable to have a big fat wodge of coral there too. thanks vanessa for the inspiration!

xxx c
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  1. they are indeed beautiful... but aren't those dried sea urchins not anemones?

    my dad collects them from the beach at his holiday house on the south coast. i'd estimate he has hundreds collected over the last 20 years in all shapes and sizes.

  2. thanks ballet flats, you are absolutely right! amended. and if your dad ever feels the need to lighten the load.....x actually, what beach does he collect them from? i may need to make a pilgrimage, is there a time of year thats best? i would LOVE to hear from you

    1. he has collected the majority of his from orion's beach down in vincentia. i always manage to find at least ten whenever we go hunting for them on visits down there. i don't think there's a specific time of year, he always manages to find them whenever he goes on his morning beach walk... he has them arranged in old dental drawers that he's mounted on the wall. they come in the most amazing variety of colours too.

      long time reader btw, your style is impeccable... also, i studied interiors with sal from once.daily.chic.

  3. thanks! me and alice have literally just booked a weekend away to a friends place in vincentia. bloody excited you told me this precious information! not going until end of feb so i will keep you posted....x

  4. We used to have lots of white coral in our bathroom when I was little that mum and dad had collected over the years.. unfortunately it's all been thrown out.. I think there is a little at dad's, perhaps.

    You've inspired me to find some white coral like that, especially after seeing it in the Curl Curl house.

    Did you manage to hunt down the roaring dinosaurs?


  5. No, you're not the only one! Coral is so expensive so I keep putting it off, but it is so beautiful and really makes a room feel more grown-up. I love that last photo. I think you've inspired a post! ;)

    Something 2 Write About

  6. I love coral and urchins too, though the only urchins I have are ceramic tea light ones and sweet little glass vases. I've got a few pieces of coral, one of them is the same as in the last pic, It's needle coral I think and is very delicate so I have it displayed under glass. I love the network thing with blogging, one person's great find can be so easily shared. I just bought a blottle of Crystal Head Vodka for the bottle shape only and thought of you when it arrived. It's awesome!
    x KL

  7. KL me too! I love that you thought of me..... I use mine as a vase now, fortunately mine only cost $40 when she got it from hawaii for me...

  8. BU - i totally forgot to look when i was there the other day, will have a look tomorrow x


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