4 bamboozle

kate - obsessed with this jim thompson fabric called bamboozle. lets make this happen!!!!!

xxx c
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  1. That reminds me of... and I can't remember fabric designer's name, I've got her book somewhere. GAH!

    Sea Of Shoes and her mom did a chair that was upholstered and painted by kids, this reminds me of that but a grown up version. I also saw in my internet travels a chair with similar heavy duty upholstery to this but with hot pink and black painted random stripes and zig zags - it looked amazing.

    Perhaps a DIY?!


  2. ah yes! you are right, its totally reminiscent of sea of shoes ... and was it kelly wearstler you were thinking of? i dont know if i would trust myself with a DIY x

  3. Looks great inthe larger pieces where you can appreciate it... Going to have a lot less bang on just a seat tho. What about on a headboard? XxKate

  4. This is fantastic and would be such a great DIY with some builder's canvas and bright fabric paints. Thanks for the inspiration :)


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