4 DIY: project chair: more progress

here is the next installment of project chair. i cracked open my new little sander and spent about 2 hours getting sanding away the layers of paint still left after the paint stripper job i did last weekend. it kind of looks like white washed wood now. i really wanted to get it right back to the original wood, so it looks like it's another weekend of sanding for me. next phase is varnishing/sealing it and then the fun part...choosing the fabric! stay tuned

xxx c
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  1. Which antique centre did you buy the chair from? I live in Sydney too. I adore your passion for interiors. xx

  2. I'm not sure what type of stripper you used, and it may be too late for this step by now, but when I've stripped furniture I've found it helps to wash it all down with mineral spirits. It's gonna look great! For some reason I keep picturing it with a glossy white frame and bright navy velvet :)

  3. sounds amazing meghan! i am not sure what direction i will go in yet, keep popping back to see how i go! xx

  4. the parlour room - mitchell road antique centre in erskineville x


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