1 celine + comme + constance

it was a green crocodile hermes constance that first got me thinking about a smaller bag. then came the celine box bag that costs a squillion clams, mind you, so does the constance, and then came the friendlier celine zip clutch. this would have been a purchase had i lived anywhere other than australia because a. it's inaccessible and b. it's marked up by like 60% so i was thrilled when comme des garcons brought out it's core range of wallets etc in the exact shape size as the celines! i snapped up a 
deep red bad boy for $133! it is a squidge smaller than the celine but has the barely there gold script and is structured and soft at the same time. i think i will have to be content with my comme-y for now until my beau wins the lotter-ary and buys me a conn-y!

p.s check out these gorgeous clutches by clare vivier

xxx c

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  1. I blogged about this Claire Vivier clutch as well....love, love, love her range!!!


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