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I know I have been RUBBISH with my blog for the past 6 months, this KAWS Companion represents how I feel about myself and my lack of posts, he also represents something I want to buy, surprise surprise! (anyone know where to get them in Sydney?) But I digress, I have been super busy shooting lots of lovely homes for Adore, taking on lots of new private decorating clients and being involved in STYLECT decorating online, all this and taking care of little George Teddy. That is why I am very slack, very rubbish. I promise I'll get better, I have been madly tagging every page in Belle being so inspired, also I'm moving in 8 weeks so its another whole new adventure of decorating on the home front, #chateaupeep will be back in full force. 

More importantly, have you seen Hermes has done an Ikat range in their porcelain? Heaven

Here's a little snippet of George sticking his finger up his nose to leave you with...until next time (soon I promise!)

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